Erica: Ashey's biological mother
Ashley's Moms are two women brought together by open adoption.

Their daughter Ashley is a well-adjusted tween who has securely bonded to her adoptive family while simultaneously maintaining a connection to her original one. Ashley entered the foster system when her biological family came into a period of crisis. After a difficult time in foster care, she was adopted by Rebecca and her husband Paul and began to thrive again. Meanwhile, her original mother Erica had been working hard to turn her own life around. In the time that had passed since she lost her parental rights to Ashley, she had not only triumphed in her own battle with addiction but had developed a career working with other vulnerable mothers and families.

Over time, Erica and Rebecca have developed a successful open adoption relationship and a close friendship.

Rebecca: Ashley's adoptive mom
They believe that adopted children do best when supported by a solid family base consisting of the adoptive family, the biological family, and the relationship between them. This has certainly been the case for Ashley! 

Rebecca and Erica are passionate about sharing their story, supporting parents and families, and helping to guide others to successful open adoptions.

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