Public Speaking


Erica and Rebecca have presented their story together at various venues, including:

Through Her Eyes Conference (2011)
Gandara Gateways Intensive Foster Care Center (2012)
Passing the Torch Conference: Lighting the Pathways to Women's Recovery (2012)
Rudd Adoption Center's New Worlds of Adoption Conference (2013)
Family Recovery Conference: Collaboration Works (plenary speakers, 2013)

Rebecca has been a frequent panelist at local MAPP foster parent training classes.

Erica's solo presentations include the following: 

Pregnancy, Post-Partum and MAT (2010 and 2011)
Building the Bond: Substance Exposed Newborns, Their Parents and the Professionals Who Care for Them: Baystate Medical Center (2011)
Nicu Brown Bag Lunch: 
Baystate Medical Center (2011)
Massachusetts Health Policy Forum: Substance Exposed Newborns and Lifespan Cost (2011)
Partners in Perinatal Health (2012)

Family Recovery Conference (2012)
MotherWoman's Annual Breakfast (2013)

Erica and Rebecca shared their story on the Internet radio show All-Things-Adoption. Download the podcast of "Debunking the Myths of the Birth Mom!"

Erica and her young sons appear in this moving video by MotherWoman.

Erica appeared on a panel for the TV show Road to Recovery. Click here to view the trailer or the complete program.