Who We Are

Photo credit: Ashley
We are Erica and Rebecca, two Massachusetts moms brought together by open adoption. Our daughter, Ashley, lived with Erica in the early years of her life and was adopted by Rebecca and her husband Paul at age 9. Erica’s journey has included trauma, addiction, and recovery. She is currently parenting two young sons and working in social services supporting other mothers and families. In addition to being an adoptive mom, Rebecca is also an adult adoptee in a successful reunion — a perspective that has significantly influenced her position on open adoption.

Erica works for Jewish Family and Children Services. She is also a Recovery Coach, a facilitator of the Nurturing Program for Families in Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery, and a leader/facilitator of Celebrate Recovery. Her writing has been published in the Huffington Post.

Rebecca is a writer who is passionate about supporting families and expanding the definition of family. In addition to writing her own blogs Sea Glass & Other Fragments and The Thriving Child, she is also a regular contributor at Lost Daughters and Adoption Voices Magazine. Her writing has also been published in the Huffington Post and Brain,Child magazine.

Erica and Rebecca are also both trained MotherWoman facilitators.

For more information about Rebecca and Erica and their open adoption relationship, please read "Meet Erica and Rebecca" at Open Adoption Bloggers.